Existing Customer Questions

How do I save a form I’m working on when I become busy?

Always remember to hit the Save & Exit button to save your work.

Can I work on my form offline?

Yes, you can work on your form offline. Remember to check your forms before you head out to make sure the form hasn’t been updated. If form has been updated and you don’t have a wi-fi connection then you will not be able to access the form.

How do I find a form I have already started and saved?

Go to Forms > Pending and open up the form you started earlier.

Can I save a form multiple times before submitting?

Yes, you can save a form as many times as you like before submitting.

What’s the ideal way to close the app when I finish my day?

Ideally you always want to leave the app running. This allows for updates of files, forms and receiving of communications and newsletters (if published).

How can I tell what version of the app I am running?

Tap the log out button and then look at the bottom of the screen. This will show your version number.

I can’t find my form I completed. Where did it go?

Go to Forms > History (if completed) or Pending (if saved from earlier in the day).

I still can’t find my form I completed?

Go to History > Filter and then expand your date range and group. This will pull up all forms.

How can I avoid misplacing a form?

Make sure when submitting your form at signature that you select a store that you are auditing. This will allow you to search via store location than by your name.

I need to add some additional fields. How do I do that?

Reach out to your admin and they can either add the information that you need (for an existing form) or create a whole new form.

What is the File tab?

File tab is the location where files, recipes, video, etc. can be stored to allow users to access for review.

What does (New Update) mean next to my form?

This means an edit has been made and that you need to download for use. Make sure you have a wi-fi connection.

How long is my data stored?

This is left up to the admin but right now all forms and pictures are stored with no limitations.

Can I use a thermometer with EZFORMS?

Yes, we partner with two companies that have Bluetooth thermometers that can be integrated into the app.

What does the Journal tab do?

Journals are better known as shift notes and only work online. This allows individuals at the store or field level to be able to share and track information. This cuts down on the need for paper, journals and voicemails.

What does the Tickets tab do?

Tickets are better known as workflows and allow for an admin/manager, etc. to assign tasks. As these tasks are assigned and closed, each member of the task is notified until its closed out.